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Trigger Trade FAQ

March 28, 2013

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Here are the most commonly asked questions about our unique Trigger Trading method.
    Q: What is Trigger Trading?
    A: Trigger trading is a momentum-based stock trading approach that identifies stocks that may be poised to move higher within the next 24-48 hours.
    Q: What is meant by a “trigger”?
    A: Prior to placing a trade, I like to see a stock reach a certain price which helps to confirm the momentum. This price is known as the “trigger” price.
    Q: Is this day trading?
    A: Yes. However, some of our stock picks will be held overnight and even for a period of a week or two. We let our winners run and we cut our losers quickly.
    Q: Will you tell me when to buy a stock and when to sell?
    A: Sort of. We tell you where we are buying and selling. We never recommend when you should trade a stock. In essence, our subscribers are looking over our shoulders at our daily stock trading watchlist. Every morning our FTM Insiders are given a list of stocks that we are personally watching along with a trigger price and an exit range. This stock watchlist is our own personal trading list that we use. Therefore, because we want to make money, we choose these stocks carefully and monitor them closely. It is up to you to do your own due diligence and research before placing any trades.
    Q: What makes your stock trading service different from the dozens of other similar services out there?
    A: The biggest difference between our service and the others that are out there is that the stock picks that we share with you are the stocks that we ourselves are trading. If we pick lots of losers, then we ourselves will lose money. We have a vested interest in picking the best stocks. Secondly, we don’t just show our best trading results… we share our entire track record with everyone. We have nothing to hide. No one can have 100% winning trades. We are realistic and don’t rely on hype to promote our service.

    Furthermore, when you subscribe to Jerry’s Trigger Trading Service, you become a part of our Gold member Community, and you receive endless benefits including the FTMQuarterly Newsletter, Our Exclusive Market Conditions Indicator System, Access to Jerry’s P.A.C.E. Investment Portfolio, and even a weekly Conference Call where you have access to live Q&A with Jerry Robinson!

    Q: What kind of people subscribe to your service?
    A: While we will never disclose our client list, we can tell you that there are several professional financial professionals who subscribe to our services. Money managers, professional traders, and amateurs alike benefit from our service. Even those who are not ready to trade can subscribe and simply “paper trade”.
    Q: Will you teach me how to trade stocks?
    A: Yes, our subscribers have access to ongoing trading education.  

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