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Silver News: Will Silver Outperform Gold and Platinum in 2013?

January 26, 2013

    Listen to veteran precious metals advisor Tom Cloud as he explains what lies ahead for gold, silver, palladium, and platinum prices. In silver news, Tom explains why he believes silver will outperform the other metals in 2013.


      Gold News: German Repatriation
      – Germany allegedly holds 11% of the world’s gold supply. The U.S. is #1 with 26%.
      Germany is now demanding much of its gold held at the Federal Reserve to be returned to Frankfurt.
      – The Federal Reserve reacted by saying it would return Germany’s gold within 7 years.
      – Why would it take so long to return the gold to Germany unless the Federal Reserve doesn’t have all the gold?
      – Netherlands now thinking about asking for its gold back from the Federal Reserve as well.
      What does this mean for gold investors? It’s good for the price of gold – More pressure on the physical gold market.

      Silver News
      – U.S. Mint cut off the sale of Silver Eagle Coins after only 2 1/2 weeks into 2013.
      – U.S. Mint will not resume sales until next week; plus, the premium charged by the U.S. Mint on these coins is now higher at $0.50/oz
      – Canadian Maple Leaf also has an increased premium at $0.25/oz
      – The good deals in silver right now are the Silver Buffalo and the Silver Morgan 1-ounce silver bars.
      Many forecasters believe silver will outperform the other metals in 2013.

      Palladium News
      – The price is now in the $720s to $730s. If you were patient throughout the past several months, you are now seeing a nice rise in your palladium holdings.
      – With many countries continuing quantitative easing (money printing) in 2013, and with no worldwide recession, I believe palladium should easily reach in the $800s in the next couple of months

      Platinum News
      – Platinum ended the year 2012 as the best performing metal, but this year (2013) many forecasters are expecting platinum to be second behind silver

      – Debt ceiling increase should have a positive impact on the metals markets.
      – The U.S. borrows $4.2 billion per day more than it takes in revenue. The deficit is going up continually. All this is great for the price of gold.
      – Japan is also moving toward quantitative easing with its new leadership, which is also great for the metals.

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