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VIDEO: Lies, Propaganda, and the 2012 Election

December 17, 2014

    Description: America’s power-drunk executive branch threatens the Republic. (Recorded Sept 2012)

    VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Now that the 2012 Republican National Convention is over, and Mitt Romney has been nominated as the party’s official Presidential candidate, along with Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential candidate, the countdown towards the November elections has officially begun. In the weeks ahead, we will hear soaring rhetoric from both sides of the political aisle as to why their chosen leader will offer the most effective leadership over the next four years. The stench of the propaganda spewing out of our elected leaders mouths from both side of the aisle will only be trumped by the corporate-controlled media’s amplification of their talking points. As I reflect upon last weekend’s Republican National Convention, I am truly saddened for America. It seems that the nomination of a Presidential candidate has never been so polarizing and exploited by the media.

    When America’s founders created this nation, they worked diligently to create a new nation with strong Congressional powers that could easily check the powers of the Executive branch. Today, America’s executive branch has grown virtually unchecked with a wide swath of executive powers including executive orders, decrees, memorandums, proclamations, national security directives and legislative signing statements.

    In his book, The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power, author Gene Healy explains that America seems to have embraced this tumorous growth of Executive powers leading voters to expect the President to “drive the economy, vanquish enemies, lead the free world, comfort tornado victims, heal the national soul and protect borrowers from hidden credit-card fees.”

    To witness just how far America’s overdependence upon the Executive branch has become, simply listen to the absurd questions that will likely be presented to the candidates in the upcoming Presidential debates in October.

    Some of the questions that the two Presidential candidates will be faced with in October will likely include: How many jobs will you create? How will you solve America’s economic crisis? What is your view on gay marriage? Etc.

    While these questions should be expected, it is regrettable that most Americans believe these issues to be the sole domain of the President. Shocking as it may be, there is no Constitutional mandate upon the President to create jobs for the American people. While he should certainly be expected to foster a positive economic tone for the country, the best thing that the President can do is shrink the size of government to provide room for the free market to operate.

    Additionally, the Constitution does not task the President with solving economic crises. Governments are incapable of helping the free market through growing their powers in size and scope. In our present era, the economy is managed by fiscal and monetary policy, neither of which the President has sole control or power over. Meanwhile, the domain of monetary policy belongs exclusively to the Federal Reserve. In fact, the Fed is only institution that I know of that is specifically tasked with creating policies that promote maximum employment.

    And the question of gay marriage simply cuts to the quick over the size of government. Is it not mind-boggling that conservatives, who claim to want limited government, expect the President of the United States to dictate the nation’s morality? When the Federal government can reach into my bedroom, something has gone terribly wrong. Indeed it has. I believe that those who are adamantly seeking to outlaw gay marriage should seek to do so at the state level and cease their attempts to place more dictatorial powers in the hands of Washington.

    What is interesting is that while the economy and gay marriage will likely be hot topics, I predict that the upcoming debates will be eerily silent on the topics of drone warfare, America’s secret prisons, the worthless fiat money issued by the fraudulent Federal Reseve, and the unpatroitic Patriot Act. And what about the TSA, which is increasingly treating Americans like criminals. And what about the reckless NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which permits a sitting President to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without pressing charges.

    And it is highly doubtful that either Obama or Romney will discuss the need to slow down the U.S. military war machine. Neither one of them will be asked about the hundreds of innocent civilians who are routinely killed in foreign lands under the cover of darkness by the U.S. Special Operations Command, the President’s own elite and private army.

    More important than their civil rights and their freedom, Americans just want jobs. Mr. President, just give us jobs and we will let you fly drones over our homes spying on us from the sky. Mr. President, just fix our economy and we won’t complain when the state slides their hands down our pants to make sure we are not terrorists. And sure, we will send our wives, our parents, and even our children, through your naked body scanners. Just give us cheaper gas prices, Mr. President. Mr. President, just give me more take home pay and I will ignore the fact that the money that I am receiving is completely worthless paper backed up by a crumbling petrodollar system which is barely held together through brute U.S. military force around the globe.

    Interestingly, there was one Presidential candidate, within the flurry of Republican candidates in 2012, who had spent his entire political career trying to correct what is wrong with Washington. His name is Ron Paul.

    During the Republican Convention, Ron Paul and his supporters took their last stand of this election cycle. Tensions flared as RNC leaders sought to change the rules at the last minute to prevent Ron Paul’s delegates from being seated, and therefore, counted.

    One of those rules is Rule 16 which will forever change the way that the Republican party selects its candidates. In essence, this rule gives the establishment candidate and the State party exclusive power to replace a delegate if they don’t like them. A simple reading of the text of this rule provoked Tea Party advocates, grassroots activists, and true conservatives to anger as it was obviously an attempt by the Republican establishment to quell any and all objections to their pre-ordained candidate.

    Here’s a video of the vote. Judge for yourself.

    Thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, a Convention attendee was able to capture the teleprompter that Rep. John Boehner was reading from fully exposing the wicked plan that had been hatched in secret.

    Ron Paul’s candidacy has been faced with this same type of hostility at the caucus level, at the district and state conventions, and now the nation has a chance to see how the Republican party treats grassroots activists who are seeking to change the direction of the country.

    Mr. Paul has spent his entire career attempting to expose the Federal Reserve. To return our country to a sound monetary system, to deal equitably and peaceably with other nations. To restore real liberty and freedom to America. And to respect our military by not forcing them to risk their lives in the name of cheap gas prices and a failing petrodollar system.

    Mr Paul is a man of peace. And in a nation that maintains its economic stature and monetary system through the barrel of a gun, a man of peace is the most dangerous of breeds. War is profitable and requires the funding of the Federal Reserve. That is why the corporate-controlled mainstream media literally poisoned the minds of Americans regarding Mr. Paul.

    Recently, a reader wrote in to tell me that they agreed with Ron Paul on his economics and agreed that the Federal Reserve should be ended. But he wrote that Mr. Paul’s foreign policy was what prevented him from voting for him.

    I replied by explaining to this man that without a Federal Reserve, the incentives and the financial backing for war would be nearly impossible. America cannot fight an endless war without a printing press! War and central banks go hand in hand.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower attempted to warn Americans about the military-industrial complex back in 1961 in his farewell address to the nation. Mr. Eisenhower was a military hero and was intimately acquainted with the collusion between the defense industry and politics. (Watch the entire speech here.)

    Sadly, the warfare state that has been created in America has taken a tremendous toll upon our brave men and women in uniform. They enlisted with great dreams of defending our shores only to find themselves stationed in some faraway land that poses no threat to our nation’s borders.

    America is falling apart before our eyes. The nation that boldly proclaims “In God We Trust”, is being suffocated in the final stages of greed’s tightening grasp. Sadly, the corporate-controlled mainstream media has struck gold exploiting the humiliating political blame game.

    So, who will be better for America? Mr. Romney or Mr. Obama?

    Well, ask yourself:

    Which one will bring our troops home and end the senseless wars that have murdered literally millions of innocent civilians in foreign nations over the last decade?

    Or which one will end the Federal Reserve and restore sound money to our economy?

    Which candidate will make radical cuts to the size of government and make it less intrusive into our lives?

    Which candidate will restore the basic liberties and freedoms to America by overturning tyrannical legislation like the unpatriotic Patriot act and the NDAA?

    – And perhaps most importantly, which candidate have both the mainstream media and the party elites attempted to silence?

    The only candidate that fits the above criteria was railroaded at last week’s Republican National Convention.

    You are being lied to. Its time to wake up.

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