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Swing Trading Course: An Introduction To Profitable Short-Term Trading


Learn all about the art of swing trading stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies for short-term profits in this insightful 75-minute instructional video designed for both new and experienced short-term traders.

Includes: The Swing Trading Video Course (75-minute video training + 96 page PDF presentation)
Instructor: Jerry Robinson
Note: This product is non-refundable.



An Introduction To Profitable Short-Term Trading

(Note: Jerry Robinson’s swing trading course is available for only $7 for a very limited time! Act now!) In this 75-minute Swing Trading video course, long-time trader and trading coach Jerry Robinson delivers a powerful introduction to earning short-term profits from the financial markets through swing trading.

In this course, which includes a 75-minute video training and a 96-page PDF presentation of the entire strategy, you will learn:

– How swing traders can use both long-term and short-term trends to their advantage
– How savvy swing traders approach — and profit from — the financial markets
– The realistic profit aim of the successful swing trader
– How swing trading is different from day trading and position trading
– How Jerry personally allocates his trading and investing dollars for maximum profit
– Several important chart reading skills for new and aspiring swing traders
– Four moving averages that every swing trader should know
– The very best indicators for swing traders to use in their trading
– Four stop loss strategies that work
– Five swing trading pitfalls to avoid
– Several time-tested swing trading strategies that work
– And much more!

I am interested in learning how to succeed as a swing trader. Is this the right course for me?

Yes! This Swing Trading video course is perfect for beginners and aspiring short-term traders. This 75-minute video course will educate, equip, and empower you to develop an actionable swing trading strategy. And if you are a new or aspiring swing trader, this course will provide an excellent foundation for your trading education.

Please note that this product is non-refundable. You can view our full refund policy here.