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INFOGRAPHIC: It’s Time to End the Fed

June 6, 2016


    INFOGRAPHIC: It's Time to End the Fed

    INFOGRAPHIC: It’s Time to End the Fed

    Let’s be blunt: The Federal Reserve is a fraud. It is not “federal” and it has no “reserves.” It is an appalling collusion of global banking interests under the careless eye of the Congress. Despite its insistence to the contrary, the Fed weeps no tears for America’s middle class.

    Over 100+ years of its existence, the Fed’s monetary policies have encouraged imbalances in capital allocations and malinvestment. The Fed blows bubbles and pops bubbles. It is a game to the elites. But to the average American, the Fed’s bubble cycles represent the reality of unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and homelessness. At the dizzying heights of Washington’s corrupt financial machine, there appears to be little regard for the average middle-class working family.

    The Fed is a leach upon the American economic system. It is an extraneous middle man. The U.S. Constitution gives the express mandate to coin the nation’s money supply to the Congress alone. No outside private banks were to be given this job.

    As it reads in Article I, Section VIII of the U.S. Constitution:

    “The Congress shall have Power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

    VIDEO: The Mystery of the Federal Reserve

    The money creation process should be ripped from the hands of the private banking interests and rightfully restored to the Congress. The American people were never given an opportunity to vote on such a seismic policy shift, which effectively shifted control of America’s monetary system from the more accountable stewardship of public hands to the dark recesses of private hands.

    The Federal Reserve is the third central bank in America’s relatively brief existence. In 1913, (on December 23, 1913 to be exact), the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. In one century (1913-2015), the Fed has promoted consistently destructive monetary policies.

    Since its inception 100 years ago, the Fed has systematically attacked the U.S. Dollar (under the guise of “monetary policy”), destroying its value by over 90%.

    Never again should our nation be held hostage by globalist banksters to whom interest must be paid on our own currency.

    The Fed serves America’s wealthy investor class. The deck is stacked against America’s middle class. The future is not bright. 2015 is a year of preparation. It’s time to really begin saving money and then diversifying those savings into precious metals and stable foreign currencies. Investors should remain widely diversified. Remember, the rules of the game can change at anytime. Be prepared for anything.

    ACTION POINT: End the Fed. Take Their Gold. Deport Their Principals.

    Until next time,
    Jerry Robinson

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