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Jerry Robinson’s Multiple Streams Academy

Welcome to Jerry Robinson’s 22 Income Streams

Welcome Friend,

My name is Jerry Robinson. Since 2002, I have been on a mission to help people just like you understand the truth about many things, especially money.

Some of you may know me as the host of the popular financial radio show, Follow the Money Weekly.

Others of you may have read my book, Bankruptcy of Our Nation.

So what gives me the authority to tell you about ways you can create income?

Well, I got started working as a financial advisor, helping clients plan for their retirement and grow their assets. During this time, I learned that there were 11 possible streams of income that could be created in retirement. However, after I left the financial advising business to venture out on my own, I learned that there were 11 more income streams that are available now and in retirement… that makes a total of 22 types of income streams!

Didn’t realize there were 22 different ways to create income? After all, the IRS recognizes only three types of income:

1). Active Income – this is the kind of income you actively for to receive (a W-2 job, contract labor, your own business in which you actively work)

2). Portfolio Income – this is the kind of income you receive from investments like stocks, mutual funds, annuities, and the sale of real estate

3). Passive Income – this is the kind of income from activities you are not “materially” participating in, like renting real estate (which we love, by the way)

Within these three categories, the opportunities abound. In fact, all 22 income streams fall within one of the three types of IRS income above.

What are you waiting for? Stop relying on one stream of income (maybe two, if you’re lucky). All 22 income streams are listed on the menu to the left. Get started on your journey to financial independence now!


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