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PODCAST: Five Trading Rules for Swing Traders

May 25, 2017


In this week's broadcast, veteran trader Jerry Robinson reveals five of his personal, time-tested rules for successful swing trading. Also, Tom Cloud reports on recent news in gold and silver.

Show Notes

Segment 1: A Guide to Swing Trading
Segment begins at 03:15

Over the past 20 years, veteran stock trader Jerry Robinson has found remarkable success through his own back-tested methods. In this segment, he shares and elaborates upon the following five trading rules he personally and faithfully observes for successful swing trades:

  • Know the current market conditions before you trade
  • Plan your trade and trade your plan
  • Keep a trading journal
  • Avoid low volume stocks
  • Always use stop loss orders when you trade

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Segment 2: The Precious Metals Market Update
Segment begins at 33:17

With over 40 years of market experience, precious metals expert Tom Cloud brings us his perspective of what lies ahead for gold and silver. Topics include:

  • The wisdom (and protection) of diversification
  • The peculiar soft market for gold in America
  • Why the future for silver could be shining bright
  • The looming financial crisis for foreign banks
  • The historic relationship of gold and the dollar

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Segment 3: The Final Word w/ Jerry Robinson
Segment begins at 43:14

Jerry closes out today’s show with a word of caution from wise King Solomon, especially relevant in these uncertain times with intensifying winds of war.

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