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Category: Natural Gas

April 19, 2012 Category: Natural Gas

The Case for Investing in Natural Gas

With prices currently below $2 and demand growing, U.S. natural gas prices will eventually stabilize at a much higher equilibrium price.

June 29, 2011 Category: Natural Gas

New Gas Fields Could Make Israel Big Player

Editor’s Note: Over the last couple of years, over 24 trillion cubic feet of natural gas has been found off of Israel’s coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. The reserves are enough to last the country 75-100 years based up on the nation’s current level of consumption. These finds represent a huge opportunity for Israel as the discoveries are transforming the nation into a net exporter of energy. Until recently, technology has driven the tiny country’s economy. Now, however, Israel’s natural gas reserves will provide a new revenue stream which will turn eyes from two directions. From Europe and the West who will likely become importing partners. And from the Middle East, who will not be excited about new competition in the energy sector from the Jewish state. We’ll keep our eyes on this one…