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Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

Topics covered on this video coaching call

Trading coach Jerry Robinson begins today’s call with a market update. Later, he examines the evolving U.S.-China relationship and what it means for traders and investors.

Table of Contents:
00:11 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
04:00 – Charting the NASDAQ with commentary
07:00 – Charting the Dow with commentary
11:46 – Charting the S&P with an important moving average alert
21:13 – Two quick polls (and results)
25:11 – Irony as the Fed begins buying individual corporate bonds and launches Main Street Lending Program
33:19Moral Hazard: The inevitable pullback in Fed action could wreck the rally
35:23 – Educated, wise trading makes sense
39:05 – Compelling Chart: World Gold Holdings vs. World Treasury Holdings
40:14 – China is warming up to Trump
44:40 – And Trump may be warming up to China
44:57 – Another petrodollar development
45:48New Zealand is back in business without any COVID-19 restrictions in place
47:32Monday’s trading idea took off like a rocket
49:45Today’s trading idea and why it may go higher
53:23 – Perhaps the biggest story of 2020 is the silence of the U.S. taxpayer (the sole bearer of the financial burden of government-issued COVID relief packages)
57:54 – Q&A: What’s the difference between momentum trading and swing trading?

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