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Private Group Coaching: Charting the Markets w/ Jerry Robinson

Topics covered on this video coaching call

On today’s call, trading coach Jerry Robinson begins with a review of the latest issue of The Robinson Report. Later, he examines several stock and cryptocurrency charts and provides his commentary.

Table of Contents:

00:10 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
01:00 – Today’s agenda
01:15 – Review latest issue of The Robinson Report
01:43S&P 500 maintains Position uptrend with almost 5% rise last week
05:35 – The stock/bond markets are bright spots in a darkened economy, exposing the vast income inequality in the U.S.
08:14 – Fed was propping up the market well before Covid-19
14:09 – Even bigger gains are being made in global markets
18:06Federal Reserve Policy Meeting this week
21:45 – The U.S. has officially been in a recession since February (a month before the “lockdown”)
25:04 – The current rally looks similar to 2009; why good news will eventually spook the market
31:33 – The “Buffet Indicator” is near an all-time high and what it means
36:32 – This is a stock picker’s market
38:27 – Charting the S&P 500
47:55 – Charting the Nasdaq/Dow
49:22 – Charting physical gold/silver
50:55 – Interesting digital assets survey/crypto charts
56:29 – Trading/Market Q&A w/ Jerry Robinson

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