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A Comparison Guide for Choosing An Email Marketing Software To Grow Your Business

Jerry Robinson’s Email Marketing Software Comparison Chart

Updated June 2020

You know it’s time to harness the power of email marketing. Now, its time to choose the right email marketing software.

If you are a small business owner, you have probably heard that you need an email marketing service to grow your business. Or perhaps you have already signed up for an email marketing service like Constant Contact or Aweber.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced email marketer or a complete newbie to email marketing, this page of our website is dedicated to helping you navigate the many — and growing — choices that you have among email marketing software providers.

A properly structured email marketing strategy can create amazing growth for your business. However, if you are like me, you often find that too many choices can be overwhelming. (For example, I ran to the grocery store the other day to pick up a jar of pickles. I was astounded to see that there were rows and rows of different kinds of pickles. Talk about paralysis by analysis!)

While having a multitude of choices is a good thing, it can also be overwhelming.

Email Marketing Comparison Guide - Compare email marketing services - Email Marketing Software Comparison Chart

The truth is that I recently created this chart while I was in the process of changing my email marketing service provider. It had been several years since I had been on the market for this type of service and I was shocked by the number of new companies that had popped up over the last few years. Suffice it to say, I am a discriminating buyer. I contacted every company listed below and quizzed each of them with a variety of questions. Because I run several businesses and have a very large set of email lists, this was a big deal for me. If you are just getting started with your email marketing strategy, you may find my research to be a bit overkill. However, for those who have some email marketing experience, you will likely appreciate the large number of metrics that I used in this comparison chart below.

Running an online business is amazingly fun and gratifying. However, it involves a lot of hours if you hope to be successful. And the work can often be tedious. That is why I am sharing my research with you. Hopefully, my leg work in searching for a different email marketing software can serve to make your life a little bit easier!

I will be adding more to this page in the coming weeks.

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Jerry Robinson’s Email Marketing Software Comparison Chart

I have created this simple comparison chart to help you evaluate the many different softwares that you can use for your email campaigns.


Email Marketing Service Comparison Guide


CriteriaAWeberBenchmarkConstant ContactGet Response1ShoppingCart
Email Marketing Software


Aweber Email Marketing Review - Aweber Autoresponder Review

(visit website)


Benchmark Email Marketing Service Review

(visit website)


Constant Contact Email Marketing Service Review

(visit website)


Get Response Reviews - GetResponse Email Marketing Review - Get Response Autoresponder Review

(visit website)


1 Shopping Cart Review

(visit website)

My Overall Rating

5 Star Aweber Review

Four Star Benchmark Email Review

4 Star Reviews of Constant Contact

Five Star Review for Get Response

Four Star Review for 1shoppingcart autoresponder

Monthly Price
  • $19
  • $11.95
  • $15
  • $15
  • $34
Number of Contacts
  • 500 contacts – unlimited emails.
  • 600 contacts – limited to 7 email blasts per month. (They told me that you can call after you sign up and remove the sending cap to an unlimited sending plan.)
  • 500 contacts – unlimited emails.
  • 500 contacts – unlimited emails.
  • 2500 contacts – unlimited emails.
Free Trial
  • YES. 30 day free trial. No limit on number of contacts during trial!
  • YES. 30 day free trial with up to 250 contacts.
  • YES. 60 day free trial. Limited to 100 contacts.
  • YES. And it remains free until you exceed 100 contacts.
  • NO. But your first month is only $3.95. Unlimited emails + many more features. (see details

AWeberBenchmarkConstant ContactGet Response1ShoppingCart
Free Email TemplatesYES. Aweber provides over 400 pre-designed  free email templates.YES. Over 400 pre-designed free email templates.YES. 443 pre-designed free email templates.YES. Over 350 pre-designed free email templates.YES. Over 50 pre-designed email templates.
Social Media IntegrationYES.YES.  YES. YES.  NO.
AutorespondersYES. Unlimited campaigns.YES. Unlimited campaigns.YES. However, you are limited to one autoresponder campaign per account. (This was a big negative for my multiple businesses.) YES. Unlimited campaigns. YES. Unlimited campaigns.
Easy Website Form IntegrationYES. AWeber provides a very impressive form builder that easily integrates into your website.YES. A free form builder that integrates nicely into your existing website. 

YES. Decent form builder but I definitely prefer the easy form builder at AWeber and Get Response.

YES. Get Response provides a very similar form building tool to AWeber that easily integrates into your existing website.YES. 
Event Marketing ToolsNO.NO. But they do have polls and survey toolsYES NO. Online surveys are included however.NO

AWeberBenchmarkConstant ContactGet Response1ShoppingCart
Ease of UseEasy to use. Not as easy as Constant Contact but much more powerful.Easy to use. Similar to Constant Contact in simplicity. Very easy. Email builders use drag and drop technology making designing and customizing an email very easy.Very similar to AWeber. Fairly straightforward with lots of informative tutorials.I found this user interface to be slightly more difficult than the average email marketing service. They have an entire separate website dedicated to tutorials on using their service if that tells you anything. 
Level of Customer SupportAWeber wins hands down here. I have always been impressed by their customer service and very knowledgeable staff. Live chat, phone and email support. In addition, they have an excellent knowledge base which answers most questions. Very knowledgeable and friendly customer support. Lots of video tutorials and an online knowledge base. Live chat, phone support, email support.Friendly and yet slightly difficult to get a straight answer sometimes. They do have a lot of online learning resources, however, to be fair. Live chat, phone and email support. Get Response has very good customer support. Live chat, phone and email support and lots of online learning resources. The people at 1ShoppingCart are friendly and helpful. Good phone and email support.

AWeberBenchmarkConstant ContactGet Response1ShoppingCart
  • AWeber and Get Response are by far my two favorite email marketing services based on my specific needs. 
  • AWeber leads the way in easy autoresponder campaigns. Their customer service is refreshingly excellent (which is rare these days.) 
  • Their sign up form builder is fun to use.
  • The monthly price is good and it seems that they are making constant upgrades and improvements.
  • Good customer support with a user-friendly interface and lots of technical support. 
  • Very competitive price based on their many features if you have a small list.
  • Very easy and fast to set up and publish an email with drag and drop technology.
  • Lots of free pre-designed email templates to get you off and running quickly.
  • 60 day free trial is very generous.
  • I really like Get Response's email marketing service. With many of their latest improvements, I may even like them slightly better than AWeber. 
  • Excellent autoresponder service and opt-in sign up form builder for your website which is eerily similar to AWeber's.
  • Friendly and excellent customer support. 
  • Great price for what you get.
  • 1ShoppingCart offers a great service for those who will be selling products online such as digital downloads. 
  • Your email list, your autoresponders, and your customers are all in one place in one database.
  • And if you are selling digital downloads from your website, you can store them on 1ShoppingCart's servers. However, note the maximum file size of your digital products is limited to 7 MB.

AWeberBenchmarkConstant ContactGet Response1ShoppingCart
  • With the many improvements that have been made in recent months, it is hard to find a complaint about Aweber.
  • Limited to seven emails to your list per month unless you call in and request more. 
  • No event marketing tools. 
  • My biggest problem with Constant Contact is their lack of allowing me to have multiple campaigns within a single email account. This is a major flaw in my opinion. 
  • I am working on finding a con for Get Response. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far.
  • 1ShoppingCart is obviously more expensive. However, you get a lot for the price if you are selling products online. 
  • No social media integration.
Learn More

Click here to visit the AWeber website to start your free 30 day trial.

Click here to visit the Benchmark Email website to start your free 30 day trial.

Click here to visit the Constant Contact website to start your free 60 day trial.

Click here to visit the Get Response website to start your free 60 day trial.

Click here to visit the 1ShoppingCart website to start your free 60 day trial.

Visit Website website

BenchmarkEmail website

Constant Contact website

Get Response website

1ShoppingCart website


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