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Bernanke Rocks the Markets with Tiny Taper

December 19, 2013



    Fed Announces Taper to Begin in January

    The December FOMC meeting policy announcement has been issued: The Fed has decided to slightly scale back its gargantuan monthly bond-purchases by $10 billion per month. According to the policy announcement: The housing sector remains a problem; Inflation is still too low for the Fed’s taste as the Fed’s inflation target remains 2%, and anything below that number ”could pose risks to economic performance.” For the Fed, everything hinges upon an improved labor market outlook. Bernanke added that current political gridlock over America’s most pressing economic issues is “restraining” economic growth. (Fiscal policy vs. monetary policy ‘unbalanced.’) So what is Bernanke’s solution? It is what it always was: “appropriate policy accommodation.” (Translation: Perpetual easy money policies.)

    Bernanke’s Speech in 90 Seconds

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