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Global Pressure Intensifies as Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal Looms

February 5, 2014


    Global Pressure Intensifies as Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal Looms

    For decades, the world has been hoping and praying for peace in the Holy Land. However, after numerous failed attempts at a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, the hope for a lasting peace in the region has greatly diminished. Despite the failures of the past, the quest for “peace and security” continues…

    For the last several months, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been preparing a peace “framework” to once and for all settle the deepest issues that divide the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. Kerry’s framework, which has yet to be released, is ambitious in its scope as it reportedly seeks to resolve regional border disputes and security concerns, as well as other core issues such as the question of the Palestinian refugees and the ultimate status of Jerusalem. While it is not a hard deadline, the U.S. has imposed a timetable that seeks to bring both sides to the peace table by April 29 (approx. three months away). Based upon the inflammatory rhetoric surrounding the upcoming peace deal, Kerry’s soft deadline appears virtually impossible to maintain.

    In order to obtain “peace and security” within the region, both sides are being asked to concede and compromise. However, the Palestinians will be required to do what so far has been considered to be the unthinkable: Recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Israel has already stated that without this recognition on the part of the Palestinians, there can be no peace deal. PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas summed up his thoughts on the matter during an interview with the New York Times over the weekend stating that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state “is out of the question.”

    Enter Iran. During an interview on German television on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said: Once the Palestinian problem is solved the conditions for an Iranian recognition of Israel will be possible.” This shocking statement by one of Iran’s top government officials is unusual. Sure, it could just be mere “talk”, but the idea of potentially recognizing Israel’s right to sovereignty over their own land is not something that Israel’s enemies have seriously suggested in the past.

    Global pressure is mounting on both the Israelis and the Palestinians to make peace, and to do it soon. The EU has been threatening Israel with punitive economic measures and “increased isolation” if the peace deal fails. Meanwhile, the U.S. has issued its own veiled threats to Israel. Global leaders know that without resolving this age-old problem, political and economic progress within the Middle East will remain at a virtual standstill. As in most things in this world, economic incentives are driving the current push for peace in the region. I believe that the “peace” being promised to Israel will be nothing more than a false peace. The trap has been set. Will Israel bite? Stay tuned…

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    “Profiting From the Coming Paper Money Collapse”

    Emerging-Market Stocks Extend Worst Start Ever on Economy

    Emerging-market stocks fell, extending the worst start to a year on record, on concern the global economic recovery will wane.

    Your Savings, 401(k), and Retirement Are in Danger

    If you think that what has happened to Cyprus can’t happen in America, you may be in for a very rude awakening.

    China Expands Further into Commodity Trading with London Bank Buy

    The world’s largest bank in terms of market value and assets under management, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is buying the London commodities-focused arm of South Africa’s Standard Bank.

    India to Build World’s Largest Solar Plant

    India has pledged to build the world’s most powerful solar plant, which will be more than ten times larger than any other solar project built so far, and will spread over 77 square kilometers of land — greater than the island of Manhattan.

    WSJ: RadioShack to Close About 500 Stores

    Electronics chain RadioShack Corp. is planning to close about 500 stores within months, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

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    “World News Headlines That We Are Tracking”

    Iranian FM: Recognition of Israel Possible if Deal Reached with Palestinians

    “Once the Palestinian problem is solved the conditions for an Iranian recognition of Israel will be possible.”

    John Kerry Labelled ‘anti-Semite’ for Warning of Possible Boycott of Israel

    The U.S. and EU ratchet up the pressure to concede to imminent peace deal.

    North Korea Calls Japanese PM ‘Asian Hitler’

    North Korea repeatedly harangues Japan over its failure to atone for its 1910-45 occupation of the Korean peninsula and for its claims to Korean island territory.

    Iraq Signed Arms Deal with Iran

    Iraq’s Ambassador to Iran Mohamed Majed Abas Al-Sheikh said that his country has recently signed a deal to purchase arms from Iran as part of broader plan to boost Iraqi armed forces.

    EU Commission: Corruption Across EU ‘Breathtaking’

    The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy at least 120 billion euros annually, the European Commission says.

    Worldwide Cancer Cases Expected to Soar by 70% Over Next 20 Years

    New cancer cases expected to grow from 14m a year in 2012 to 25m, with biggest burden in low- and middle-income countries.

    Germany Wants Britain to Stay in EU Because it Stops Europe From Going to War

    Germany yesterday urged Britain not to leave the EU – because it keeps the peace.

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