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VIDEO: The Model For Financial Success

(Recorded on 10/19/21)

Topics covered on this video coaching call

On this week’s live coaching call, we are joined by financial advisor Mike Mitchell to discuss a powerful macroeconomic planning process that can help you create measurable financial strategies to build, protect, and grow your wealth.

Table of Contents:
00:08 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
01:21 – An introduction to Christian financial advisor Mike Mitchell, President and CEO of Strategic Wealth Partners
04:05 – The Model for Financial Success
05:36 – We all desire a financial life that performs to its full potential
06:32 – The manner in which we make financial decisions presents a challenging problem
09:00 – The typical “Rules of the Game” when dealing with financial institutions
10:09 – Wealth Eroding Factors in our financial world work against us
14:27 – The Leap Model is our financial Game Board
17:45 – The Rulebook of the Leap Model
18:55 – The Macro Manager is one of the most vital components in succeeding financially
21:06 – The Leap Model and Objectives
23:35 – Full financial protection is critical for guarding against unforeseen events
37:48 – The power of permanent life insurance paired with an income-producing investment portfolio
39:05 – The Savings + Growth components
42:00 – Understanding Cash Flow + Debt Management
43:20 – Financial coordination with our Macro Manager creates team synergy with all our independent advisors
44:36 – Q&A

Have a question for Mike Mitchell? Contact him at (833) 370-0777 (toll free)

Enjoy today’s replay video!

DISCLAIMER: The services provided in our memberships are intended only to provide education and information. Trading involves risk. Decisions to buy, sell, hold or trade in stocks, futures, securities, and other investments involve risk and are best made based on the advice of qualified financial professionals.

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