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VIDEO: Diamond Investing 101

(Recorded on 10/06/21)

Topics covered on this special webinar

Although hard asset specialist Tom Cloud has been in the diamond business since 1975, there has never actually been a practical and liquid diamond market. Host and author Jerry Robinson joins Tom as they share a revolutionary new way to affordably add diamonds to your hard asset portfolio.

Table of Contents:
00:08 – Introduction/Important Disclaimer
02:11 – Examples of hard assets
06:27 – Chart: Tangible vs. Intangible Components of S&P 500 Market Value (1975-2020)
09:45 – Diamonds are the most portable form of wealth
10:41 – What makes diamonds a great asset?
11:55 – A revolutionary new affordable way to invest in diamonds
15:37 – Every diamond is cut exactly alike with full dispersion and beauty of that stone
18:04 – There is full liquidity on the blockchain
18:39 – Diamonds have had similar performance with gold over 50 years
21:50 – The outstanding reputation of the management team at Icecap Diamonds
24:13 – Chart: Diamonds vs. Gold from 1960 to today
39:07 – Tom will help you select the right diamond(s) for you
39:27 – Contact Tom Cloud at 912-771-9353 or

Enjoy today’s replay video!

DISCLAIMER: Jerry Robinson and Tom Cloud are not financial advisors. Decisions to buy, sell, hold or trade in stocks, futures, securities, and other investments involve risk and are best made based on the advice of qualified financial professionals. You should always consult a trusted financial advisor before making any investment decisisons. Tom Cloud is a sponsor of When you purchase hard assets (like gold, silver, or diamonds) from Tom Cloud, you are supporting

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