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The Rising Star Watchlist


A monthly list of top U.S. growth stocks to watch.

Includes: One year access to the Rising Star Watchlist (updated on the first day of each month). Online access and PDF download.



Want to invest wisely but don’t know how to find promising growth stocks?

The Rising Star Watchlist is composed of U.S. growth stocks with positive fundamentals and is one of our most popular stock watchlists.

The Rising Star Watchlist comes with 24/7 login access to view the watchlist on-demand. You can also download the watchlist to your device. When you purchase the watchlist, you unlock an entire year’s access to the Rising Star Watchlist, which is updated on the first business day of every month. There are up to 25 stocks listed each month.

What sets us apart?

“I wouldn’t even be paying attention to the price of Bitcoin if it weren’t for Follow the Money. Even if I did pay attention, I would probably be like most others and just be talking about it but not really knowing how to prosper from it or how to take action. Thank you!” – E.C. – Florida

There are many loud and obnoxious voices vying for your attention in the cryptocurrency investing space. Jerry Robinson, our veteran trend trading coach and early cryptocurrency investor, is not a late-comer or just some guru who is riding the hype of cryptocurrencies. Jerry was one of the earliest investors in cryptocurrencies!

Not only did Jerry begin investing in Bitcoin in 2013 when the price was under $200, but he was also one of the first investors in Ripple, alerting our podcast listeners in 2013 when it was trading for under a penny.

In this new special report, you will learn:

– How blockchain technology is changing the way money works

– How cryptos fit into an overall financial plan

– Why history suggests we are at or near a bottom in cryptocurrency prices

– Jerry Robinson’s three-step approach to cryptocurrency investing

How Jerry Robinson chooses cryptocurrencies to buy

– How to safely store your cryptocurrency

– Our favorite websites to buy cryptocurrencies

– Our 2019 Cryptocurrency Portfolio, including details on all 12 holdings

– Our top two cryptocurrency investing rules

Jerry Robinson has been personally investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013 and his selections have meteoric price appreciation since then. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, it is absolutely undeniable that owning the right cryptocurrencies can radically change your financial future.

Some may call it a bubble. We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in the early stages of disrupting outdated systems.

Would you like to profit from this paradigm-shifting technology, but don’t know where to begin? There are over a THOUSAND different cryptocurrencies available to invest in and many are destined to fail…but the winners have the potential to generate life-changing profits.

Set yourself up for success by getting started right now with the 2019 Cryptocurrency Investment Report. This special report is loaded with actionable information that could pay for itself many times over.

What would just one winner like this mean for you?

Buying the right cryptocurrency can not only pay for this report many times over, but can also be an absolute game-changer for your finances. Take a look at two more charts of cryptocurrencies Jerry Robinson owns:

A lot of money stands to be made by cryptocurrency investors. Will you be a money-making action taker? Or will you be watching from the sidelines?

This package contains everything you need to cash in on the next cryptocurrency boom, including three bonus videos on how (and why) to store cryptocurrencies offline.