ETF Trend Alert Track Record

Our ETF Trend Alerts are designed to alert you to new Uptrends in 9 currency ETFs, 42 global ETFs, 14 commodity ETFs, and 11 sector ETFs. These trends are medium to long-term.

If you enjoy following or trading markets, you cannot afford to miss our ETF Trend Alerts.

Each of our ETF Trend Alerts are updated weekly on Fridays by veteran trend trader Jerry Robinson and the FTM team.


Curious about our historical track record? View it below.

The following shows the Total Potential Gain (TPG) of each ETF Trend Alert. The TPG is the highest potential gain from the new Uptrend alert until the end of the Uptrend alert. Any ETF that failed to reach a TPG of at least 5% is listed in red below..
ETF NameSymbolETF CategoryUptrend StartPrice on Uptrend StartEnd of UptrendTotal Potential Gain (TPG) %*# Months to Reach TPGMax Drawdown
Brazil ETF EWZGlobal Markets10/5/2018$36.645/17/2019+24.8%3-1.11%
China ETF GXCGlobal Markets1/18/2019$92.225/17/2019+13.8%3-3.52%
Industrial Innovation ETF ARKQTrailblazer ETFs1/25/2019$32.205/17/2019+11.1%3-2.51%
Brazil ETF EWZGlobal Markets11/2/2018$41.615/17/2019+9.87%2-12.9%
Self-Driving Vehicles ETF DRIVTrailblazer ETFs2/15/2019$13.195/17/2019+9.55%2-2.95%
Taiwan ETF EWTGlobal Markets2/22/2019$33.675/17/2019+8.40%2-2.82%
China Internet ETF KWEBTrailblazer ETFs2/22/2019$45.955/17/2019+7.91%2-5.20%
Biotechnology ETF FBTTrailblazer ETFs1/18/2019$143.505/17/2019+7.90%3-10.6%
Platinum ETF PPLTCommodities2/22/2019$80.015/17/2019+7.29%2-4.18%
Thailand ETF THDGlobal Markets1/25/2019$89.295/17/2019+3.96%1-3.21%
Thailand ETF THDGlobal Markets2/1/2019$90.695/17/2019+2.35%1-4.70%
Taiwan ETF EWTGlobal Markets4/19/2019$36.145/17/2019+0.99%1-8.52%
China ETF GXCGlobal Markets4/5/2019$104.335/17/2019+0.62%0.5-11.2%
Japan ETF DXJGlobal Markets4/5/2019$52.455/17/2019+0.43%0.5-8.94%
Indonesia ETF EIDOGlobal Markets11/16/2018$24.655/10/2019+12.5%2-4.78%
Egypt ETF EGPTGlobal Markets2/1/2019$31.255/10/2019+9.63%1.5-2.84%
Peru ETF EPUGlobal Markets1/25/2019$36.885/10/2019+8.75%3-1.38%
Indonesia ETF EIDOGlobal Markets1/4/2019$26.025/10/2019+6.61%1-8.53%
South Korea ETF EWYGlobal Markets1/25/2019$63.495/10/2019+3.02%0.5-10.6%
Egypt ETF EGPTGlobal Markets3/15/2019$33.825/10/2019+1.30%0.1-10.2%
Poland ETF EPOLGlobal Markets4/12/2019$23.735/10/2019+0.92%0.25-9.73%
Steel Producers ETF SLXCommodities4/5/2019$41.915/10/2019+0.80%0.1-11.2%
Argentina ETF ARGTGlobal Markets1/11/2019$26.164/26/2019+11.8%2-3.82%
Uranium ETF URACommodities4/5/2019$12.884/26/2019+0.85%0.1-6.36%
Rare Earth Metals ETF REMXCommodities4/5/2019$16.444/26/2019+0.36%0.1-9.73%
Physical Gold ETF PHYSCommodities12/7/2018$10.114/19/2019+7.61%2-1.38%
Silver Miners ETF SILCommodities1/4/2019$26.124/19/2019+7.92%1.5-7.42%
Junior Gold Miners ETF GDXJCommodities1/4/2019$31.304/19/2019+11.9%1.5-6.54%
Physical Silver ETF SIVRCommodities12/28/18$14.874/19/2019+5.85%2-2.21%
Malaysia ETF EWMGlobal Markets1/18/2019$30.614/19/2019+2.77%1-4.86%
Biotechnology ETF FBTTrailblazer ETFs1/18/2019$143.504/19/2019+7.90%2.5-6.41%
Turkey ETF TURGlobal Markets1/18/2019$26.843/22/2019+8.42%0.25-9.98%
3D Printing PRNTTrailblazer ETFs2/1/2019$22.553/22/2019+6.43%1.0-4.83%
Lithium ETF LITCommodities2/22/2019$29.763/8/2019+2.68%0.10-5.91%
Chile ETF ECHGlobal Markets1/11/2019$44.883/8/2019+6.79%1.5-3.34%
Poland ETF EPOLGlobal Markets1/18/2019$23.993/8/2019+1.79%0.5-5.71%
South Africa ETF EZAGlobal Markets1/11/2019$54.543/8/2019+6.01%0.5-5.66%
Uranium ETF URACommodities1/25/2019$12.603/1/2019+5.47%0.75-2.69%
Mexico ETF EWWGlobal Markets1/18/2019$45.263/1/2019+1.10%1-6.27%
Spain ETF EWPGlobal Markets1/18/2019$28.532/8/2019+1.47%0.75-3.54%
Natural Gas ETF UNGCommodities10/5/2018$26.0612/28/2018+52.9%1-2.2%
Water ETF FIWCommodities4/1/2016$32.8712/21/2018+57.2%30-4.5%
Agribusiness ETF MOOCommodities7/15/2016$49.3612/21/2018+35.0%27-6.8%
Israel ETF EISGlobal Markets5/28/2018$52.5012/21/2018+11.2%4-3.2%
New Zealand ETF ENZLGlobal Markets11/16/2018$48.1712/21/2018+1.79%0.5-6.0%
United States (S&P 500) ETF SPYGlobal Markets7/15/2016$215.8712/21/2018+36.1%26-7.6%
Technology ETF XLKSectors3/4/2016$42.4212/21/2018+79.7%31-6.3%
Consumer Discretionary ETF XLYSectors3/4/2016$76.7212/21/2018+53.9%31-6.6%
Consumer Staples ETF XLPSectors7/27/2018$53.5112/21/2018+6.5%3.5-3.8%
Communication Services ETF XLCSectors9/28/2018$48.9112/21/2018+0.63%0.10-0.5%
Industrials ETF XLISectors2/26/2016$52.4512/21/2018+54.3%23-6.4%

*The Total Potential Gain (TPG) % is the highest potential gain during the Uptrend. It is calculated by using the high reached during the Uptrend.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER’s weekly ETF Trend Alerts are provided solely for informational and educational purposes. They are NOT specific buy recommendations. For most subscribers, this page will provide little more than entertainment value. But others may seek to replicate the trades made on this page. If so, you should know that trading stocks is risky and that it is possible to lose all of your trading capital. If you choose to trade, please know that you do so at your own risk. Jerry Robinson is not an investment advisor and does not provide specific stock investment advice. Always consult a trusted financial professional before making any investment decisions. READ FULL DISCLAIMER.

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