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Mastermind Call: An Introduction To Making Money With Airbnb

Real Estate Investing Education Series

#1 Residential Rental Real Estate Investing 101 (Jan. 3, 2020)

#2 Investing In Short-Term Rentals With Airbnb (This session - Feb. 14, 2020)

#3 Start A Real Estate Wholesaling Business (Coming Mar. 6, 2020)


#2 An Introduction To Making Money With Airbnb

Video Summary

In this fascinating Mastermind video, Jerry Robinson shares the second of three paths to creating wealth from real estate: #2 An Introduction To Making Money With Airbnb. In today’s members-only training video, Jerry explores the Airbnb phenomenon that has taken the gig (and hotel) community by storm. Learn the ins and outs of becoming an Airbnb host from the personal experience of one of our very own members in this highly educational video. (Exclusively for Platinum members)

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