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The Perfect Storm: 5 Economic Trends That Every American Should Be Aware Of

August 18, 2010

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Description: America, and its robust economy, has been the envy of nations of the world since the beginning of 20th century. No other country has been as widely admired and emulated as the United States of America . However, through a potent mixture of destructive monetary policies and undisciplined fiscal policies, the country that was once the greatest creditor nation has now become the greatest debtor nation in global history.

In this fast moving 104 minute live seminar, popular economist Jerry Robinson, along with Housing expert Darryl Baskin, and Energy Analyst Jason Reimbold, explain in easy-to-understand language the five most dangerous economic trends confronting the U.S. economy.

These five trends include:

  • The declining purchasing power of the U.S. dollar
  • The U.S. housing bubble and sub-prime mortgage crisis
  • The American twin deficits
  • The rising price of oil
  • The rising levels of U.S. consumer debt

Through a detailed examination of these five trends, you will be enlightened to America’s true economic condition. You will also be empowered to protect your assets and even profit from these trends. The seminar concludes with a brief Q&A session with the live audience about the best places to invest.

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