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SPECIAL COMBO! – The Death of the Dollar (DVD) + The Coming Gold and Silver Boom and Dollar Doom (Audio CD)

August 14, 2010

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Description: For only $29.95, you will receive both of these insightful products to help you make sense of today’s economic crisis by understanding the root causes of our economic problem’s as well as solutions that you can use now.

The DVD, The Death of the Dollar, is a hard-hitting, 50-minute live presentation that explains the real truth behind the falling U.S. Dollar.

In this fast-paced DVD, well-known economist and best-selling author Jerry Robinson will teach you:

  • What is happening to the U.S. Dollar from a historical and political perspective
  • Why the U.S. Dollar is on the brink of collapse
  • How the fall of the U.S. Dollar may be leading to a one world currency
  • When to expect the U.S. Dollar to completely lose its value
  • Where to invest in order to protect your finances from the coming collapse of the U.S. Dollar.Along with the DVD, you will receive our most popular audio CD briefing, The Coming Gold and Silver Boom and Dollar Doom. In this 45 minute special report, Jerry answers numerous questions about saving and investing in gold and silver such as:
  • Is gold a good investment?
  • How high will gold go in price?
  • Where is the best place to buy gold?
  • What kinds and forms of gold should you consider buying?
  • Where should you store your gold?You will also learn what the Bible has to say about gold and silver!Get this special combination today! To order by phone, simply dial (918) 827-2400.Order your copies today!

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