Options Trading 101: Why Trade Options? (Members-Only Video)

New! Monthly Conference Call with Jerry Robinson (December 2014)


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On this month’s video conference call, Jerry Robinson begins with an overview of the stock markets with his monthly Market Barometer update. He discusses the overall trend in U.S. stocks and how to proceed from here. He also provides an update on our recent investment in Chinese stocks, as well as reveals two countries he will be investing in soon (with two specific ETF ideas!).

Next, Jennifer Robinson dives into this month’s income idea: option trading. She covers the basics of options, including what every new trader should know. Then, she explains how to determine what you should pay for an option and shows you a handy online calculator. Finally, she discusses the benefits of trading options instead of stocks and some of the common pitfalls of option trading.

Finally, Jerry answers questions live on the webinar from FTM Insiders and Trigger Trade Pro subscribers.

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Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson is the author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide. In 2010, Jerry created FTMDaily.com with a mission to wake up Americans and share with them the principles of true financial and spiritual liberty. Every Tuesday he hosts the FTMWeekly Radio, a podcast covering economic and geopolitical topics. Jerry has been blessed to be able to lecture around the globe on the topic of economic and geopolitical trends. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa and resides with his family in the beautiful Ozark mountains. See more