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FTMDaily Special: Affordable Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Cards Today | Save Money on Your Current Payment Processing Costs

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5 Warning Signs You Are Getting Ripped Off By Your Credit Card Processor

Most businesses today accept credit cards.For many, like online businesses, the ability to accept and process credit cards is vital to their to their business. Sadly, the credit card processing industry is full of hungry salesmen who will rarely put the interests of their business clients ahead of their own. This means that most business owners end up paying way too much for the credit card processing.

According to a Federal Reserve publication (P.20) The Merchant-Acquiring Side of the Payment Card Industry: Structure, Operations and Challenges smaller businesses with less than $1 million in total credit card receipts per year often pay over 1% more than they could if they simply shopped around

But how can you know if you are paying too much for credit card processing?
If you are a business owner that accepts credit cards for your business, this brief article is just for you. Below are 5 warning signs that you may be paying too much for your current credit processing.

#1 Read the Fine Print on Your Monthly Statement. If you see terminology on your month end statement like Qualified, Mid-Qualified, Non-Qualified and surcharge, you are probably paying too much. Your goal is to have "interchange plus pricing." Use this term when shopping for a payment processor. If the salesman knows that you know this phrase, it will prevent them from trying to rip you off. Trust me, the difference can cost you hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars! 

#2 Watch Out for The Big Resellers. If you signed up for processing through Sam's Club or Costco, you are probably paying too much for processing. These large retailers sold their membership information to a processor, and in return the processor must recoup the money they paid Sam's and Costco for your name. They recoup that by charging you higher rates.

#3 Get a Review of Your Current Statement. If you have been with the same processor for many years and have not had a rate review, you are probably paying too much for processing. MasterCard and Visa review prices every April and October. As those rates go up, your processor might have taken advantage and raised your rates more than MC/Visa raised the processor's rates. 
#4 Watch for B2B Mark-ups. If you are accepting business-to-business payments by credit card, you might be paying to much to process. There are special programs for B2B accounts and if your processor didn't set up your account to take advantage of those programs you are very likely paying too much.

#5 Beware of Freebies and Leases. If you accepted a "Free" terminal or "Free" something else, you are probably paying too much for processing. 

And remember, nothing can replace good service. My personal clients have my personal cell phone and can call me anytime day or night. For example, Jerry and Jennifer Robinson (the founders of have been my clients for years. They know that they can call me anytime. I have helped them many times over the years with their credit card issues and questions. My point is, find someone who will put you and your interests first.
And finally, don't be afraid to shop around. A second opinion never hurt anyone!
David White (888) 518-3335Blessings!
David White
Merchant Services Specialist
Call today for your free statement review! (888) 518-3335

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Call David @ (888) 518-3335

Customer Testimonials…

"David has been our credit card guy for years. He has the heart of a teacher and is always available day or night. We travel a lot and accept credit cards at our events. He has gotten us out of a number of jams with a simple phone call. When our friends ask us who to go to for credit card processing services, our answer is always the same: David White."

Jerry and Jennifer Robinson

Owners, (Houston, TX)

"David’s calm demeanor and logical approach to troubleshooting a problem are the perfect combination when dealing with a frantic small business owner… I am thankful for David’s availability. I have called him early in the morning, after Midnight, and every time in between and have always been able to reach him immediately or with a very short wait. I have called him early in the morning, after Midnight, and every time in between and have always been able to reach him immediately or with a very short wait.  David has a way of making you feel like you are his biggest and most important client.  His family must be very understanding because I think I’ve interrupted their sleep, their meals, their vacations and countless other family adventures.  I’ve never worked with someone before that was as available as David is to help me through a crisis."

Joanie Morrison

Co-Owner, Just Between Friends (Fort Worth, TX)

"One example of David’s exemplary customer service happened in summer of 2007 when we were a relatively new client. David was actually on vacation in Puerto Rico when we discovered we were missing a $10,000.00 deposit.  We called David and he worked for hours to track down the problem.  It turns out the Risk Department had put a hold on our deposit.  At the same time, weather problems were causing technical issues at the office in New York City and there was no one available to remove that “hold”.  However, David’s relationship with the company superseded that issue and he was able to get us our money that same day. 

He constantly works to make sure we have the best rates and the best processes for our company.  He not only helps us succeed as a home-based business, he also helps our 50-plus franchisees do the same. He is a champion for home-based businesses across the country!"

Adrienne & David Kallweit 
Owners, SeekingSitters Franchise Systems, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)


About David WhiteDavid is a Merchant Services Specialist and has been serving both small and large businesses all across the United States and Canada since 2001. He can be contacted directly at (800) 518-3335. 


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